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Energy Sustainability: Best Opportunities for Advancing Michigan

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Dr. Gregory Keoleian U-M School of Natural Resources

11:30 a.m.- 12:30 p.m. Christman/MML Building, First Floor, 208 North Capitol Avenue, Lansing, MI. 48933
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Greg Keoleian, Ph.D.

Professor and Director, Center for Sustainable Systems

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, 1987, U-M
M.S.E. Chemical Engineering, 1982, U-M
B.S.E. Chemical Engineering, 1980, U-M
B.S. Chemistry, 1980, U-M

Greg Keoleian is the Peter M. Wege Professor of Sustainable Systems. Dr. Keoleian co-founded and serves as director of the Center for Sustainable Systems. His research focuses on the development and application of life cycle models and metrics to enhance the sustainability of products and technology.

He has pioneered new methods in life cycle design, life cycle optimization of product replacement, life cycle cost analysis and life cycle based sustainability assessments ranging from energy analysis and carbon footprints to social indicators.

Systems studied include alternative vehicle technology, renewable energy systems such as wind farms, photovoltaics and willow biomass electricity, buildings and infrastructure, information technology, food and agricultural systems, household appliances, and packaging alternatives.

Professor Keoleian currently teaches interdisciplinary graduate courses on Sustainable Energy Systems and Industrial Ecology and co-directs the Engineering Sustainable Systems Dual Degree Program and the Rackham Graduate Certificate Program in Industry Ecology.

Research Interest

Keoleian’s research has been developing and applying life cycle models to a wide range of products and technology for over 25 years.

The environmental impacts, costs and other outputs from these models are used to inform design decisions, policy and regulations, marketing and product labeling and consumer choices.

He led the development of the first comprehensive life cycle models of large complex systems including a mid-sized automobile, a single family home, and road infrastructure. His research explores multiple pathways and options for advancing sustainability of new emerging technology and topics that often involve complex tradeoffs and stakeholder perspectives.

More information about past and current research can be found at http://css.snre.umich.edu/.

Examples of systems and topics being studied include:

  • Mobility systems: vehicle lightweighting, autonomous vehicles, wireless charging
  • Energy Systems: energy storage for renewable energy integration; offshore wind energy siting
  • Consumer products: optimal replacement policy
  • Food Systems: sustainable diets, food and packaging waste

About the Wolverine Caucus

Wolverine Caucus members are U-M alumni working in and around State of Michigan government, including legislators, lobbyists, staff, and advisors who meet with U-M experts on timely, relevant public policy subjects during the legislative session.

Our mission is to provide diverse forums at which University of Michigan friends can meet one another, enjoy fellowship, exchange views and learn from the world-class talents of U-M faculty and administrators.

The Caucus is informal: no dues, no elections, no organization chart. Please join us at a Wolverine Caucus event soon! A delicious lunch is provided, prepared with locally grown produce. Vegetarian meals are available.

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