1. Associate Director of the Economic Growth Institute, Ashlee Breitner to present at Women in Manufacturing Conference

    Mark Rivett posted September 30, 2021

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    October 4-6, 2021

    Cleveland, Ohio

    Ashlee Breiner to present on October 5th at 2:00pm

    Associate Director of the Economic Growth Institute, Ashlee Breitner

    Women are constantly making decisions and are involved in decision making processes within their careers, their extra curricular activities and their personal lives. As a woman, do you ever feel like your voice is not always heard? Are the decisions made in your organization done so in an unbiased way that truly is in the best interest of all?

    This presentation will teach you about a proven decision making process that drives consensus, removes unconscious bias, ensures acceptance and is transparent. Whether it’s a strategic plan, a committee’s fundraising plan or just everyday life decisions, our decisions are often not made in an equitable manner that will provide the optimal value.

    The presentation will teach you the 5 steps in the Allovance Decision Making Method and walk you through a decision making simulation to show how this proven method helps decisions to be made in a way that helps to ensure equity for all who are involved in the process.