1. Democracy & Debate Theme Semester: María Elena Salinas and Bryan Llenas: Covering America at a Moment of Rupture

    Mark Rivett posted October 21, 2020

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    From partisan politics to diversity shortfalls in U.S. newsrooms, what does it mean for the reporters on the ground? Hear from two of America’s most prominent Latinx journalists on the value of representation and reporting in this hyper-partisan moment. Join our conversation with CBS News contributor, María Elena Salinas and Fox News national correspondent, Bryan Llenas.

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  2. Roadmap for teachers: U-M online free learning platform paves the way

    Mark Rivett posted October 6, 2020

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    “We went from zero to 1,500 students in three weeks.”

    Like thousands of K-12 teachers across the country, Dawn Michalak faces an uncertain school year. She’s implementing a combination of in-person and remote learning in her third grade class at Bay City Public Schools, and that means bridging the gap between online and in-person learning.

    “I think what a lot of teachers are facing is ‘how am I going to deliver what these kids need to know in a way that’s engaging’ because we can’t use our normal teacher tools,” she said. “When kids aren’t in front of you, it can be very difficult to tailor your instruction.”

    But Michalak has help from the Collabrify Roadmap platform, a set of free, customizable digital learning tools developed by the Center for Digital Curricula at the University of Michigan College of Engineering. Michalek was an early adopter of the platform last year, and she’s now one of hundreds of teachers who have used Collabrify Roadmaps with an estimated 4,000 students at public and charter schools across the state.

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  3. Prenatal safety net: Mobile clinic gives free services to Detroit moms

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    The mobile clinic was a “lifeline” for patients during the pandemic

    For mom Heavenlee Gordon, The Luke Clinic couldn’t have come into her life at a better time. At a church in southwest Detroit, Gordon found the help she needed and an added bonus: The doctors and nurses treated her like part of their own families.

    “They care about you. They love you. They love your kids. And they make sure you’re OK, and even in the middle of the night, they answer their phones for you and just make sure you’re doing the right things with parenting and things like that,” said Gordon, a patient who had two children with the help of The Luke Clinic. “The other doctors didn’t do that for me.”

    The Luke Clinic provides free prenatal, postpartum and infant care (through one year of life) to any family in the Detroit metro area. So far, it has seen more than 300 patients. Even though most of the clinic’s patients have extremely high levels of medical, social and behavioral risk factors, they have shown lower rates of preterm delivery than the city of Detroit, which takes into account patients with health insurance.

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