1. Wolverine Caucus: Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Prescription

    Mark Rivett posted January 16, 2018

    Michigan’s Demographic and Economic Outlook over the Next 30 Years

    Tuesday, January 16, 2018

    Featured speaker: Professor Emeritus George Fulton, UM College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

    Anderson House Office Building Mackinac Room, 5th Floor
    124 N. Capitol Ave, Lansing, MI 48933
    11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

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    George Fulton PhD

    Dr. George Fulton, renowned economist at the University of Michigan, has been forecasting Michigan’s economy for several decades. To aid our quest for a stable Michigan economy, Professor Fulton presents a “a diagnosis, a prognosis and a prescription”. His presentation will feature a numerical portrayal of where the economies of the state and its counties are heading through 2045 while undergoing a dramatically changing demographic pro le (diagnosis). Out of this data, ve lessons are suggested that are critical to planning for the long run (prognosis). Then, several policy issues indicated by these lessons are identified (prescription). Please join us in welcoming Professor George Fulton for this enlightening and engaging discussion!

    George Fulton received his PhD in Economics from the University of Michigan. He is currently Director Emeritus and Research Professor Emeritus of RSQE, the forecasting unit in the Department of Economics at the University of Michigan. Professor Fulton has been forecasting economic and social activity in the state of Michigan for four decades and has been regularly featured in the Consensus Revenue Estimating Conferences. Last year he was presented a Distinguished Speaker Award by the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and the State Treasurer. In 2015 he received the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Economic and Demographic Analysis from REMI, a prominent national forecasting organization. The Award has since been named in his honor.

    Author: Veronica A. W. Johnson, Ph.D

    Director of the Lansing Service Center | veronicj@umich.edu | 517-372-7801

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