United Way Volunteers

Welcome Volunteers To the 2022 U-M United Way Campaign!

Thank you for joining the campaign. Because the university is so large, we need each one of you to reach your department. Please keep in mind whether this is your first campaign or your seventh we are here for you to help you succeed.

Your assignment is to bring the 2022 U-M United Way campaign into your workplace and add your personal touch. This can be accomplished in many ways including through personal emails that remind people to pledge, setting a participation and/or monetary goal for your department, and reporting your progress each week.

Everything to make your campaign a success is listed below. Additional information can be found on the United Way of Washtenaw website at LINK Please note not information on this website applies to the University campaign. For example, you do not need to fill out the campaign report form, visiting this website is more for informational purposes. You will find the annual report, campaign talking points etc.

Important Dates:

Campaign Dates: October 17 – December 31, 2022

Tips for a Successful Campaign:

  1. Attend the volunteer event on Oct. 4 for inspiration.
  2. Make your pledge first when ePledge opens Oct. 17th. By making your pledge first you can share how easy it is and tell everyone that you donated and why. This will also familiarize you with the ePledge process so you can help others in your group if needed.
  3. Set an internal goal. Set a reasonable participation and/or monetary goal for your team. Success begets success and you can always increase it. (Email dschilz@umich.edu for a copy of the final numbers from the 2021campaign to inform your goal.)
  4. Spread the word. Throughout the campaign you will receive a weekly email with campaign news and a campaign status update. You can share this information with your group via email and keep them up to date with your progress toward your goal.
  5. A fun event to bring your group together. A list of fun events is listed here. (Event Ideas document) You can use them to raise money/participation for the campaign or just to raise awareness and have fun.
  6. Invite a United Way of Washtenaw County (UWWC) speaker for your next meeting (virtual or in person). They will talk about the work that United Way is doing in our community. A link to sign-up for a speaker is here: https://forms.gle/Vy2koKh31zGoMMT7A
  7. Host a virtual event in your department/unit.
  8. Send an email to the people in your department.
    Sample Email #1

    Dear Colleague,

    A thriving community is important to all of us, but many of our neighbors are falling behind. For many who can’t afford basic needs, they face a tough choice, pay rent, or buy food. You can make a difference and the 2022 U-M United Way Campaign makes it quick and easy using the ePledge system through Wolverine Access with a one-page process. To make a pledge visit:
    https://classic.wolverineaccess.umich.edu/unitedway .

    Last the year the university campaign raised more than $1.2 million and we can do it again. To find out more about the campaign and how the funds are invested through United Way of Washtenaw County visit:

    The 2022 U-M United Way Campaign is underway. I made my pledge using the ePledge system through Wolverine Access and you can too! It was quick and easy - with a one-page process.

    I encourage you to participate, your pledge, no matter the amount, will make a difference. You can designate to the Community Impact Fund or a 501(c)(3) of your choice.

    I am here is you need any help or to answer any questions you might have.

    Thank you and Go Blue!

    Your Name

    Sample Email #2

    Dear Colleague;

    Please join me in making a pledge to the 2022 U-M United Way campaign. Making a pledge is quick and easy using the secure ePledge system at uway.umich.edu. Last year the campaign surpassed its goal and raised $1.2 million and with your help we can do it again. When you make a gift to the campaign, you help to change lives and strengthen communities – one child, one adult and one family at a time, such as:

    • An at-risk child who has the chance to attend a high-quality preschool preparing them for success in school and in life
    • Parents who receive career and budget training to better provide for their family
    • An older adult who can remain at home with access to health care services;
    • A single mom in an abusive relationship who is offered safety, shelter, and a fresh start.

    I encourage you to participate with a pledge, no matter the size, will make a difference. To make a pledge visit uway.umich.edu

    I am available if you need any help or have any questions.

    Thank you and Go Blue!


    Your Name

  9. Say thank you! Don’t forget to thank everyone. Gratitude is a powerful thing!

Key Topics

Take a moment to review the key topics below, it will help you in your communication with your department. Also, review some of the challenging topics that volunteers may encounter.

The United Way:

  • Leverages expertise, connections, and resources to transform individual lives and entire neighborhoods.
  • Connects people, families, and communities with the resources they need to thrive.
  • Is the largest non-government funder of health and human services in the region.
  • Locally, serves the community and improves the lives of thousands of people each year.
  • Has a proven approach to strengthening our community which includes safety net programs across the region.
  • Has a variety of ways to get involved including financial support and volunteering.

Additional Resources

Additional information, that might be useful to you our volunteers, is available on the United Way of Washtenaw website. Please note that some of the information is not applicable to the University of Michigan Campaign, but is another resource if needed.

Stay in Touch

During the campaign you will receive a weekly email from me that includes that week's campaign totals and a spreadsheet showing each unit and their participation level along with any news.

If you have any questions please contact:

Secretary Associate Angela McCullum

Angela McCullum

Secretary Intermediate

amccullu@umich.edu | 517-372-7801

Thank you for commitment and Go Blue!