1. Schlissel calls for tax bill that protects student interests

    Mark Rivett posted December 17, 2017

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    President Mark Schlissel

    President Mark Schlissel

    President Mark Schlissel urged elected leaders to pass a tax-reform bill that protects the interests, futures and aspirations of college students and doctoral candidates in his remarks at Thursday’s Board of Regents meeting.

    “Higher education is a key driver of social mobility and economic growth in American society. College degrees prepare students to compete in a rapidly evolving job market and to live more enriching lives,” Schlissel said. “Several provisions in the bills undermine our students. They seek to end tax benefits that are designed to make education more affordable,” he added. “If enacted, they would make it harder for students to earn a college degree here at Michigan and across our nation.”

    Potential impacts to the university community include the taxing of student loan interest and the loss of tax-exempt status on tuition waivers for graduate students serving as teaching and research assistants.

    Author: Dana Elger