Lansing Service Center

101 S Washington Square # 730
Lansing, MI 48933

The Lansing Service Center supports a variety of important interactions between the University and the people of Michigan.

It provides support to the faculty of Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses representing all of the University’s myriad schools and colleges. Faculty participate in seminars on critical issues including tax, budget, environment, and health policies, and testify before committees of the Legislature with the assistance from the Center in the preparation of their remarks and presentations and facilitating liaison with the legislative staff.

Staff keep members of the Executive branch, the Legislature, and their staffs apprised of research at the University that can be helpful in solving problems and developing policy. Great Lakes research, innovations from the University’s Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI), fuel cell technology, alternative energy, health, behavior, technology transfer and K-12 research are just a sampling of areas where University research can be used in policy making.

In partnership with the UM Career Planning and Placement Public Service Intern Program, the UM School of Social Work, and the Political Science Internship Program, the office supports the efforts of students who may want to pursue careers in public service. Each term, students who intern in the office attend legislative briefings, seminars, and other activities that complement their areas of study.

Support and assistance to the University’s Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy Studies allows for increased faculty interaction with state government.

An ever-growing network of University of Michigan alumni work with the office on jointly sponsored programs. The outreach program includes the Wolverine Caucus Forum Series which features substantive public policy and educational gatherings for alumni who work in and around state government, providing an excellent opportunity for UM faculty, administrators, legislators and public officials to meet and share substantive information regarding issues of current relevance to our state, the region, and all of Michigan’s citizens. For additional information you may visit the website; office also works with the Alumni Association and the office of Government Relations to increase alumni involvement in advocacy for public higher education.

The office provides assistance to the University’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions in an effort to recruit young people from across the state of Michigan. Staff from the offices of Admissions and Financial Aid find the office a convenient place to meet with prospective student and provide them with information about the University.

With an ever-expanding goal of the University and the Office of the Vice President for Government Relations to engage the many communities and citizens of the state of Michigan, the Lansing office staff offer particular outreach focus to Mid-Michigan communities, providing opportunities for collaboration and mutually rewarding endeavors. The cities of Lansing, East Lansing, Battle Creek, Jackson and Mount Pleasant are among the growing network of municipalities with which this office interfaces.