1. We’ve developed a digital education model that works

    Mark Rivett posted July 1, 2022

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    Technology has changed many aspects of how we work and learn, and especially how young people search for, generate, share, and consume information.

    But the way we teach K-12 students hasn’t changed much at all. There might now be some computers involved using digitized lessons with a few videos, but in most cases we still conduct instruction for the digital generation with paper and pencil.

    Truly transforming education for the digital generation is a must for Michigan’s competitiveness. In this increasingly digital world, our future quality of life – and that of our children – depends upon our ability to keep pace with change.

    To meet the needs of today’s “digital-first” generation, we use an approach that we call “deeply-digital.” This is a new paradigm for education that goes beyond simply digitizing existing lessons.

    Read full story at Detroit Free Press