1. Ann Arbor to Share University Sustainability Signage Standards

    Mark Rivett posted July 19, 2019
    Landfill Compost

    In 2015 the University of Michigan’s President’s Office formed a committee with the goal of reducing waste. That effort led to color schemes, terminology, and signage that has become familiar to University staff, faculty, and students.

    With the goal of improving waste management within the community, the city of Ann Arbor has decided to adopt those standards. Aligning signage between the university and city was seen as a common-sense approach to sustainability, and will start with Ann Arbor City Hall and Ann Arbor city parks.

    The Office of Campus Sustainability’s mission includes identifying, supporting, and coordinating opportunities to reduce energy consumption and increase sustainable operations on campus that may go beyond what is required to meet campus goals. Ann Arbor’s sustainability framework includes a goal of responsible resource use – to produce zero waste and optimize the use and reuse of resources in our community. By working together, the city and university advance their mutual goal of a more sustainable community.

  2. Meet Detroit Teens Preparing For Careers As Doctors

    Mark Rivett posted July 18, 2019

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    In partnership with the University of Michigan, the seven-year-old Doctors of Tomorrow effort is focused on diversifying the future of health care by exposing underrepresented minority students to careers in medicine, as well as providing them with foundational skills to pursue a career in health sciences.

    Jonathan F. Finks

    Dr. Jonathan F. Finks, Associate Professor of Surgery
    Co-Director, Michigan Bariatric Surgery Collaborative
    Advisor, Global Health and Disparities Path of Excellence

    “These kids are willing to go the extra mile. These are the ones who we felt if we were able to shepherd them along and provide them mentorship, guidance and hopefully some financial support, then we could get them to medical school to sort of start a pipeline that begins in high school and follows them all the way to college.” – Dr. Jonathan Finks

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  3. U-M has been donating lightly used items in Ann Arbor area for 26 years

    Mark Rivett posted June 18, 2019

    Collectively, the program has donated more than 264 tons of goods in its 26 years of operation.

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    Since 1993, the University of Michigan has been donating lightly used items, including bedding, clothing, food, toiletries and other household goods, collected during student move-out to local organizations.

    This year was no exception. With more than 12.5 tons of household goods donated, it was one of the largest amounts in the Student Move-Out Donation Program’s history.

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