1. University of Michigan Economic Growth Institute Prepared for Economy Impacted by Pandemic

    Mark Rivett posted March 26, 2020

    The Economic Growth Institute has provided innovative economic development programming and applied research for almost 40 years, and are often called upon in times of economic distress. The Institute leverages the University of Michigan’s resources, research, technologies, and expertise to foster innovation and create positive economic impact for local, state, and national communities and economies by working with community leaders and small to medium-sized enterprises.

    Steven B. Wilson; Senior Research Program Officer, Director of Innovation Services and Associate Director of the Economic Growth Institute at the University of Michigan

    “The Institute has a longstanding connection with the region’s small and medium-sized manufacturers and tech-based companies, which form a crucial part of the supply chain now and during recovery. This network serves as one important communication channel for announcing immediate needs during the critical times of healthcare delivery.”

    The Institute is adept at managing federal and state funded initiatives with effective programming that reaches businesses and communities. In response to the anticipated needs of an economy mobilizing to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, the Institute has expertise to support manufacturers, tech companies, and their communities to:

    • Connect with customers in need of supplies and products to address the pandemic, such as hospital masks, gowns, and other medical hardware.
    • Address challenges with a manufacturing shut-down and accelerate recovery when the pandemic is past.
    • Link with resources and information coming from state and federal government that can support small and medium-sized companies.
    • Help companies think about  and deploy new products they can develop and/or manufacture, either to address future health concerns, or to shore up new challenges to the manufacturing supply chain

    Enterprises that wish to connect with information and expertise should feel free to contact the EGI.